1. Dress code in effect
  2. Buffet duration is 90 mins (1.5 hrs) for groups under 15 persons and 120 mins (2 hrs) for groups over 15 persons
  3. Reservations are only accepted for groups of 15 or more
  4. Reservations require contact details of host
  5. Reservations are null & void after 15 minutes of uninformed delay
  6. Party rooms require minimum 50 persons
  7. Party timings are 11:30am – 3pm and 6-11:30pm; extra time will be charged @ $100 per hour
  8. Party hosts to be present for guests to be served.
  9. Party hosts to advise management 20 minutes before they would like guests to be served.
  10. Children under 10 years must be supervised by an adult at the buffet.
  11. Please pay your sever. The counter does not accept payments
  12. Please enjoy your food at your table. Standing around the buffet area is not allowed as it causes inconvenience to other guests.



  1. Please respect food and avoid wastage
  2. Please maintain cleanliness
  3. Please leave used plates on the table for servers to collect.
  4. Please supervise children at all times. Unsupervised play and running causes inconvenience to everyone.
  5. Our servers work hard to serve you well. Tips encourage them to do even better.
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